Starting Over

Remember that portrait I posted a while ago? Well after getting some good feedback and re-evaluating the progress of my show I decided to start over. I painted over all I had done on that portrait and am feeling tempted to do the same with the other two I had finished to the same point.

While backtracking like this will probably condemn me to an even crazier and more stressful month in order to finish my show I think it will be worth it. Here’s why:

Last summer I was working on a piece for class and brought it in looking like this

It was supposed to be an African/tribal retelling of the nursery Rhyme Higglety Pigglety. The rhyme goes like this:

Higglety, pigglety, my black hen,
She lays eggs for gentlemen.
Gentlemen come every day
To see what my black hen doth lay.
Sometimes nine, and sometimes ten.
Higglety, pigglety, my black hen

Before painting I was pretty excited about my design then I killed it when I painted. I suffered through the critique and my professor made the suggestion that instead of trying to fix it, I start fresh. I grumbled a bit but thankfully decided to follow his advice – here’s what I got the second time:

Much better, right? It also had the added benefit of taking much less time to do.

Back to my current project. I have six pieces that are absolutely critical to have finished and framed by Nov. 1st. If I don’t start over I would only have serious work to do on three. The question is, do I want a show like the first image or the second? I hope starting over will be worth it and will just pray I can finish on time.

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